'Abortable' Unborn Babies React to Touch

nineweeksThe overwhelming majority of unborn babies are killed before the 13th week of pregnancy. Most of these happen during the first six weeks. The earlier abortionists kill the babies, the lower the risk of complications for the woman and the less human the baby appears.

The less human the baby appears, the more abortion advocates can pretend the baby’s life isn’t worth protecting.

Life News reports the findings of an embryologist named Albert W. Liley, who said the nerves and muscles of unborn babies in the sixth and seventh week, “abortable” babies, work together for the first time:

If the area of the lips, the first to become sensitive to touch, is gently stroked, the child responds by bending the upper body to one side and making a quick backward motion with his arms…

By the beginning of the ninth week, the baby moves spontaneously without being touched. Sometimes his whole body swings back and forth for a few moments.

By eight and a half weeks the eyelids and the palms of the hands become sensitive to touch. If the eyelid is stroked, the child squints. On the stroking of the palm, the fingers close into a small fist.…

Some researchers have concluded that the unborn baby feels no pain before the 20th week. The possibility that babies feel the pain of their dismemberment before then should give everyone pause.

Photo credit: Health Guru (video screenshot of unborn baby at nine weeks)

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