Abortion Advocates Won’t Like This Court’s Decision That Protects the Unborn

abortionkills_2Gov. Matt Bevin, who strengthened his state’s informed-consent abortion law, shut down two abortion clinics, and sued one of them, scored a victory, at least for now.

The Kentucky Supreme Court upheld his decision to close one of the clinics for operating without an abortion clinic license. From Life News:

In March, a circuit judge denied the state’s request to close the facility; but a June appeals court ruling, made by an all-female panel of judges, reversed the decision in favor of the state, The Herald Leader reports.

In a statement, Bevin said he was glad to hear the news: “We are pleased that the Kentucky Supreme Court has upheld the Court of Appeals’ decision recognizing that an unlicensed abortion clinic is prohibited from performing abortions. The laws of Kentucky matter and must be followed, even when individuals, corporations or lower court judges think otherwise.”

According to the court, the clinic that kills unborn babies didn’t show why it should be exempt from obtaining a license.

“EMW exists solely to perform abortions and offers little to no proof it does anything else other than performing that service in potentially substandard conditions, proving precisely why the Commonwealth requires these facilities to be licensed in the first place. So we do not think the Court of Appeals abused its discretion in finding the Cabinet has established a substantial question.”

As mentioned before, the ruling is a victory for now. No babies will die at that clinic today.

Photo credit: American Life League (Creative Commons) – Some Rights Reserved

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