Abortion Advocates Won't Like What This Governor Just Did

abortionregretNo pro-life law in our lifetimes will go far enough to ban abortion, but pro-life politicians do what they can to restrict the so-called medical procedure to save more lives and reduce the danger to women.

Gov. Doug Ducey of Arizona just signed not one, but three, pro-life measures into law.

The new laws limit research on unborn babies, restrict state employees from donating to Planned Parenthood through payroll deductions, and bar doctors from prescribing drugs that induce abortion to women over seven weeks pregnant, among other things. An excerpt from the Arizona Republic:

Senate Bill 1474 allows an aborted fetus or embryos to be used in research only if they are for the purpose of determining the health of the embryo or mother or for a pathological study. It also would make it illegal to experiment on an embryo or fetus intended to be aborted or to perform an abortion in order to use the embryo or fetus for research.

This bill would prevent not only the sale of fetuses or embryos, but would also make it illegal to give them away or to accept them, or to help in the sale, donation, acceptance or use of them. Buying or selling a fetus or embryo is already against federal law, but donation is not.

Cathi Herrod, president of the pro-life Center for Arizona Policy, had this to say about the governor’s decision.

“Today, Arizona spoke loud and clear: not on our watch will the body parts of aborted babies be bought and sold as commodities on the open market…No longer will Planned Parenthood or any other abortion provider be able to peddle aborted remains and exploit a loophole in federal law to make an extra buck.”

Photo credit: Fibonacci Blue (Creative Commons) – Some Rights Reserved

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