Debacle in Afghanistan, Soul-Searching at Home — Watch Cure America Ep. 56

After the disastrous, botched exit from Afghanistan and thousands of Americans and Afghans left in the hands of terrorists, we take stock of where we are as a nation on this week’s episode of CURE America. We need to recognize that evil does exist in the world and that the situation in Afghanistan should lead our nation to seek God and His truth in a new and fervent way.

We speak with Joel Rosenberg, a best-selling author of 15 novels and four non-fiction books, including The Last Jihad, a novel that predicted the September 11th attacks before they happened. Star Parker spoke with Joel while CURE recently attended the National Religious Broadcasters Convention not knowing that the withdrawal from Afghanistan would unfold in such a humiliating way and that it would further confirm the need for vigilance in the face of evil.

We also speak with Richard Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government, and Jonathan Alexandre, Senior Counsel of Liberty Council Action, who analyze the current state of affairs in Afghanistan and in the United States.

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