Alveda King on Black Abortion Rate

2013 Values Voter Summit
2013 Values Voter Summit
Since the beginning of time, women have always found reasons and ways to kill their unborn children. Laws don’t stop people from committing an illegal act, but something happened to this country after Roe v. Wade. We began a long slide toward devaluing human life after seven of nine U.S. Supreme Court justices–not the people–found a previously unknown “right of privacy” for women to kill their own children.

Abortionists legally slaughter millions of voiceless and vulnerable people, even as advancing technology has shown the development and movement of these tiny souls.

Black women in the U.S. kill their babies at three times the rate of white women. Abortion is one area in which blacks are overrepresented. Whys and hows aren’t nearly as important as the dead babies, whose precious lives were snuffed out mostly for convenience.

Pro-life advocate Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King, Jr., recently spoke at the University of Missouri. She refers to the abortion rate among black women as “black genocide.” From The College Fix:

Dr. King also previewed two films designed to educate on the injustice of abortion: “Maafa 21” and “Blood Money.” “Blood Money” investigates how racism and population control efforts helped turn abortion into a money-making industry, while “Maafa 21″ is a documentary film arguing that the eugenics movement utilized abortion in an attempt to commit African American genocide.

King also speaks from experience:

No personal stranger to the ills of abortion, she also spoke about her own experiences: Her mother was encouraged to abort her while pregnant, and King herself underwent two abortions before the words of her grandfather touched her.

“The woman has a right to choose what happens to her body,”Dr. King recalls her grandfather saying, “but that baby is not her body.”

In a sense, women are choosing to create life when they engage in the act that creates life, whether they intend to conceive or not. They have a great deal of power when making this choice and, therefore, responsibility. These days, a pregnant woman rarely faces the decision to protect her baby’s life or her own. Women have the agency to avoid sex until marriage. If they conceive outside marriage and don’t want the baby, they can protect him by carrying him to term, and turn to adoption. People like Ryan Bomberger, who was conceived in rape, encourage adoption over death.

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