Biden Has Made This Election All About His Capacity to Lead

Anyone not living under a rock knows about the Trump-Biden debate. Democrats were shocked by Biden’s performance. He looked and sounded confused and feeble.

Leftists are concerned — an understatement.

“Time will tell what impact this debate will have on voters in November,” Star Parker said on Straight Arrow News.

We need a president who projects strength. Star said that we, the American people, need someone who can identify who the bad actors are and stop them from causing us harm.

“Will that president secure our border to keep terrorists and gang members out? Or will he let them stream into our country and wreak havoc on our people, especially in communities that are already vulnerable? Will our next president understand that our economy does not get stronger as government gets bigger, and seeks to impose its will on its consumers and the marketplace?”

Biden did not answer these and other questions in the debate, but he opened up questions about his capacity to lead this country.

Watch Star’s full segment below or at Straight Arrow News.

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