Biden Trying to Undermine Our Everyday Use of Appliances — Doesn’t He Have Better Things to Do?

Why is the Biden administration trying to undermine our everyday use of home appliances like kitchen stoves and dishwashers? Surely, the president has better things to do — like securing the southern border.

Two likely terrorists from Jordan — one illegally overstayed his visa and the other was allowed in to pursue “asylum” — tried to breach a Marine base in Virginia. A dry run for a terrorist attack?

But let’s hassle the American people instead.

Star Parker thinks the Biden administration is going after appliance regulation in case they lose the election. She said “they want to have all of this takeover in place, while recognizing that the American people are already facing economic hardships.”

But the Republicans in the House of Representatives are pushing back, Star said on Straight Arrow News, with the Hands Off Our Home Appliances Act.

“This bill would eliminate unnecessary rulemaking requirements,” Star said. “It allows the Secretary of Energy to amend or revoke a standard if it’s increasing costs for consumers, if that standard does not result in significant energy or water savings, if it’s not technologically feasible, or if that standard results in the unavailability of products.”

The bill also would prohibit the Secretary from banning products based on the type of fuel they use.

Star continues with a lesson on the U.S. Constitution. Watch below or on Straight Arrow News.

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