Biden’s DOJ Withdraws Lawsuit Against Yale for Discriminating Against Asian Students

So-called affirmative action began in federal contracting in the 1960s with the idea to “cast a wider net” to include well-qualified black applicants in a pool of job applicants where they previously were excluded based on race. Affirmative action should be properly called racial preferences, as the policy spread through government and private institutions and businesses that seek to fulfill “diversity” quotas. Colleges across the country, for example, lower admissions standards for minorities like blacks and Hispanics, who generally earn lower grades and standardized test scores than whites and Asians.

The Trump administration revoked Obama-era guidelines to colleges and universities that encouraged them to continue using race in the admissions process. The administration said those guidelines went beyond the U.S. Supreme Court’s rulings on racial preferences. In one case, Grutter v. Bollinger (2003), the court held that schools may use race as a “plus” factor in undergraduate admissions.

Whites and Asian Americans who have been rejected from schools like Harvard and Yale have filed lawsuits over race-based admission policies. The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) under President Trump last October filed a lawsuit against Yale. The DOJ had previously filed a similar lawsuit against Harvard.

A federal court rejected the Harvard lawsuit, and the Biden administration has dropped the DOJ’s pursuit of Yale. The Washington Examiner recently published an editorial criticizing President Joe Biden’s hypocrisy on this issue.

Despite repeated promises to clamp down on racism against Asian Americans, President Biden’s Justice Department decided to withdraw a lawsuit targeting Yale University for rampant discrimination against Asian American applicants.

The same social justice dogma that considers it racist to refer to the novel coronavirus as the “Chinese coronavirus” also views the higher education industry’s systemic bias against Asian Americans as a positive good. When the Justice Department announced it would be dropping the Yale case, the American Civil Liberties Union applauded it.

The Washington Examiner believes that discrimination against Asians “masquerading as social justice is trickling down rapidly to the masses.” Leftist politicians always claim to support racial equality and fairness, but high-scoring students of Asian descent apparently don’t count among those worthy of protection. But because they don’t hold mass protests, leave a path destruction in their wake, and demand undeserved benefits, most people don’t seem to care.

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