Biden’s ‘Pathway to Citizenship’ Will Make the Immigration Problem Worse

“President Biden is once again using executive action to bypass Congress on immigration policy, thereby incentivizing more people to enter our country illegally,” Star Parker said on Straight Arrow News.

His idea is to provide a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens married to U.S. citizens. This is not going to solve the border crisis, but Biden wants to appease his fellow leftists leading up to the election after he issued a halt on asylum.

It’s just a smokescreen.

“Many Americans are rightly concerned that Biden’s reckless immigration policy threatens our national security, our public safety, and the economic well being of communities across America,” Star said. He’s ignoring our democratic process — as usual.

He attacks our U.S. Supreme Court to undermine public confidence in the judicial branch, Star added. In contrast, House Republicans have passed the National Defense Authorization Act, which includes “some key wins for servicemen and their families.”

Star has some advice for Biden — advice that is good for the country. Watch the segment below or at Straight Arrow News.

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