Power, Poverty, & Politics — Do You Want to Live on Uncle Sam’s Plantation?

In this episode of Star Parker’s Power, Poverty, & Politics podcast, she said that progressives are out of control.

“The 3.5 trillion+ package that Democrats are rushing to pass is not following a period of austerity,” Star said. “Record spending and debt has been piled on since the Obama years, using government to spend its way out of a government-induced collapse of our economy.”

Then there’s the COVID-19, with massive spending to get us out of that. Democrats are trying to force through a bill “that would put us all on Uncle Sam’s plantation.”

The government and Americans are in debt. If Democrats succeed in passing this spending bill, the federal debt per U.S. household by 2031 will be up to $288,047. The progressives who want to pass this bill might not care, Star said, but people with children and grandchildren should be very concerned.

What happened after President Donald Trump cut corporate taxes? Star will tell you. And progressives are always pretending to care about the poor. But the last thing America’s poor people need is a “slowed down, sluggish economy, larded down by massive new government.” The numbers don’t look good.

Listen to the episode here or on Spotify, Apple, iHeart Radio, Amazon Music, or Stitcher to find out more.

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