Former AG William Barr Said He Doesn’t Think It’s Possible to Separate Moral Values and Religion from Education

John Adams, one of the Founders of the United States and the country’s second president, wrote that the U.S. Constitution “was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

Former Attorney General William Barr touched on this idea at the Center for Urban Renewal and Education’s policy summit last month. The Constitution’s framers thought we could afford a limited government “because we’re going to have a people who will try to control themselves and will be true to God and His Commandments.”

But now we’re at a crisis point. Our culture is no longer religious — or moral.

“What happens when the whole culture and even the government itself starts becoming hostile to religion?” Barr said. “When that whole sphere weakens, what happens in society? Everything is sucked into the government. People want the government to do it. People want the government to teach us our values. Who defines those values?”

Barr also spoke about the relationship between education and religion. Watch the clip below.

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