Blacks March to Protest Abortion

SaySo14_052Did you hear or read about these pro-life events in New Jersey, Philadelphia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.? The protesters even stopped by the site of Kermit Gosnell’s house of horrors abortion clinic in Philadelphia. He’s now serving life for murdering babies born after botched abortions.

Protest the unfortunate shooting of a black man who attacked a cop, and the media flock. Protest the murder of unborn black babies? The media aren’t interested…unless they can find a white-on-black violence angle.

It’s well known that black women kill their own children at three times the rate of white women, but black liberals don’t seem to care about this disparity. From’s article about the protest marches:

“This march represents an annual event that will be summoning African American churches and activist to be engaged in the civil rights movement to free enslaved children in the womb, children that are predominately African American. These are children that have been convicted and sentenced to die unjustly,” stated Rev Clenard H. Childress Jr, who organized the march and vows to continue the protest march to Washington, DC each year. “Its outrageous that we have Black leaders caucusing with Planned Parenthood and endorsing legislation that would no longer require a licensed physician to perform abortions, now that’s a war on women!”

These pro-lifers are planting a seed that I hope flourishes for years to come. Voting is about so much more than the economy or growing entitlement programs. It’s also about protecting the most vulnerable and the voiceless. It’s about supporting candidates committed to guarding our personal liberty, especially religious liberty, and upholding traditional marriage and promoting pro-family policies.

Photo credit: Say So March

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