Blue to Red to Blue to Red: Burgess Owens Flips House Seat Back to Republicans

Former Congresswoman Mia Love of Utah made history when she won her race in 2014. She flipped the seat from blue to red and became the first black person ever elected to Congress from Utah and the first black woman elected as a Republican from Utah. The seat flipped again when Love lost to Democrat Ben McAdams in 2018. Now that seat has flipped yet again. Burgess Owens, a Republican and former NFL player, turned it red by beating McAdams with 47.5 percent of the vote.

McAdams conceded on Monday.

The Salt Lake City Tribune said Owens ran a “Trump-style campaign in the race, worked to appeal primarily to conservative voters and came under fire for his characterizations of the leadership of the Democratic Party as ‘narcissists and sociopaths’ who ‘have no empathy for anyone else.'”

In his concession speech, McAdams took a dig at President Donald Trump.

“Today, I called Burgess Owens to congratulate him on winning this hard-fought and close race. My campaign was centered around a rejection of extremism and the need for leaders that will put the needs of the people they represent before any political party. I’m deeply humbled by the support I received from so many Utahns who share that vision and want you to know that while we did not prevail, I remain committed to that ideal.”

McAdams said he loves “the fact that both the great-grandson of a slave and the son of a single mother elementary school teacher can run for office in this great country. Neither of us comes from money or power. We have differences in political philosophy and how we approach public service. But we both love our country.”

Owens thanked Utah voters on Twitter. “I’m honored to have the opportunity to serve. I promise to be an open ear for all Utahns and to serve with all I have. Now, it’s time to get to work.”

Photo credit: Burgess Owens Twitter

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