Bob Woodson on Leftist Rioters’ Dangerous Impulse — Why Are We Allowing It?

Will Republicans in Washington, or any reasonable American, allow leftists in the nation’s capital to move or remove our national monuments?

Fox News reported that D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has created a task force to determine whether to “remove, relocate or contextualize” such monuments as the Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, and a statue of Benjamin Franklin.

Robert Woodson, an activist who created the 1776 Project to challenge the inaccuracy of the New York Times’ 1619 Project (which claims that the American Revolution was fought to preserve slavery), appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show to denounce leftists’ attempts to tear down monuments.

“Of all of the challenges facing, particularly Black residents of Washington, D.C., why is this mayor spending energy and money talking about tearing down statues?” Woodson said.

How dangerous is this misguided revolution? Anti-police and anti-America rioters are sending a loud and clear message.

“They are flirting with a very dangerous impulse when they start doing this, Tucker, because you think about, in the French Revolution, what they tried to do was rewrite history and destroy the symbols of history — and what you are seeing around the country are guillotines being established because in the French Revolution, what they did, of course, is wipe out the people in the church and also the aristocracy, and tried to even change the calendar — and as a consequence, it took us into a dark period.”

Why has law enforcement in Portland allowed the lawlessness? How much longer will it go on?

“We are reaching a level of depravity when rioters in Portland are locking people in buildings and trying to burn them down,” Woodson said, “and, also, people are cheering when a Trump supporter is shot to death. I’ve never seen that level of depravity before.”

As Woodson implied, leftists are not protesting on behalf of black people who die every day at the hands of other black people. The targets of their rage are obvious, and rioters are doing what the country is allowing them to do. Law enforcement could put a stop to all of it today.

So why haven’t they? Do leftist politicians really believe the rioting will help them in November?

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