Rebroadcast: Lenient Policies, Rising Crime: Breaking the Cycle — Watch CURE America with Star Parker

Crime is on the rise, and Americans in cities all across the nation are increasingly concerned for the safety of themselves and their families. Yet, in this environment, the Washington, D.C. Council seeks to lessen penalties for criminals.

So this week on CURE America with Star Parker, we hear from folks on the street in our nation’s capital on the experiences and concerns they have with crime as D.C. residents. Patrick Mara, Chairman of the D.C. Republican Committee is on the show to share insight on what’s going on and just how far left the city council has become.

Tom McClusky, Director of Government Relations at CatholicVote, shares his personal experience of the crime and attacks that the Southern Poverty Law Center has inspired against conservatives. CURE’s Raheem Williams breaks down the crime data and the impact of the left’s hypocritical policies on black Americans. As always, Jonathan Alexandre and Rick Manning are on the panel to sort through the concerning news of crime and how the left is continuing to make the serious issue much, much worse.

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