Broadcast Media Mogul Armstrong Williams Receives Good News from Black Enterprise Magazine

Syndicated columnist and talk show host Armstrong Williams recently achieved a milestone. His broadcast media company, Howard Stirk Holdings (HSH), debuted on the Black Enterprise 100 list as one of the country’s largest black-owned businesses. The 100 list has been the most reliable and publicly available measure for success of black businesses for 40 years.

HSH features in-depth discussions with national and global power brokers, celebrates the stories of everyday Americans, and cuts through partisan noise to expose unvarnished truths about American politics.

“As an employer and business owner, Armstrong is a triple threat,” HSH Executive Vice President Shirley Dave said. “His wild success in the business is a direct product of the vast industry knowledge, incredible work ethic and unending passion for the truth he has garnered over several decades in the media business. As a veteran journalist, he knows all aspects of the industry. No one can outwork him. He’s a true journalist whose only end game is to make sure his audience is well-informed.”

Black-owned broadcast media companies account for less than two percent of the industry. HSH has annual revenues of over $35 million, and the number likely will rise.

According to Williams’s site, the name “Howard Stirk” is a combination of his mother’s maiden name and his father’s middle name.

In April, Williams wrote on WLJA about the importance of local television.

“I have had the good fortune and great privilege of becoming one of the largest minority broadcast television owners in the United States, with stations in South Carolina, Alabama, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Nevada. Over a decade, I have built a series of local TV stations that are dedicated to bringing relevant news, documentaries and feature stories to all viewers in those communities.”

By HSH-GWGOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

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