Budget Showdown — Will the House Freedom Caucus Help Us Out of This Mess?

Here we go again — more national wrangling over the country’s budget.

Democrats want fiscal wastefulness. Republicans want fiscal responsibility.

Democrats and Republicans have reached a consensus: there is no consensus. The deadline for the fiscal year budget is September 30. Congress will come up with yet another short-term solution that will kick the can down the road for another few months. The continuing resolution will keep federal spending at the current level headed into a new fiscal year.

We need reforms, and we’re not getting reforms.

Star Parker said on Straight Arrow News that we should listen to what the U.S. House of Representative’s Freedom Caucus has to say.

“A welfare state that laughs at the efforts of hard-working Americans and punishes future generations cannot remain the answer,” she said. “Through the next few weeks, and what sounds like the next few months, politicians are going to need to be honest about the hard answers, even if it means a temporary government shutdown.”

Our national debt is $32.9 trillion.

“This debt is unacceptable,” Star said. “So let’s hear the voice of the Freedom Caucus and let’s heed their action call.”

Watch Star’s segment below or at Straight Arrow News.

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