Rep. Byron Donalds on CRT: Our Children Should Not Be Taught to Hate The Country or Each Other

At the Turning Point USA’s Student Action Conference this week, a reporter asked Rep. Byron Donalds why the media are such staunch defenders of so-called critical race theory (CRT).

It’s simple. “Because they’re liberals,” Rep. Donalds said. They support the ideology of the Cuban regime, of Marxism. Does the congressman believe CRT should be banned from government schools legislatively or left up to school boards?

Rep. Donalds said the legislature determines what is taught in these schools. Elected officials and taxpayers have the authority to say what’s going to be taught. He believes we have to make sure that “nothing divisive is in our curriculum.” Our children are there to learn reading, writing, and arithmetic, “not to hate the country, not to hate the kid sitting next to them because the kid happens to be white.” And not because the kid is black “like me.”

And he wasn’t done. Watch the clip below.

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