California Lawmakers Want to Force Pregnancy Centers to Promote Abortion

pro-abortion rallyCalifornia — what can we say about this left coast state that hasn’t already been said? The legislature is pushing through a bill that would require medically licensed pregnancy centers to inform/remind expectant mothers that they can kill their unborn children at taxpayer-supported facilities.

WORLD reported that over 80 people testified against the Reproductive FACT Act, but it passed this month by a committee vote of 11 to 5. An excerpt:

The [abortion clinic availability] notices would include a phone number clients could call to access those services. The law also would require unlicensed pregnancy centers to provide notices stating they don’t have state approval. Failure to comply carries a $500 fine for the first offense and a $1,000 fine for subsequent offenses.

Though bill sponsor David Chiu, a Democrat, said it doesn’t impinge on pregnancy centers’ rights, pro-life advocates disagree. Heather Gebelin Hacker, a lawyer affiliated with Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), said in testimony the bill violates the First Amendment by forcing pregnancy centers to provide a government-mandated, pro-abortion message. Expert witnesses from California Coalition of Pregnancy Clinics and Centers and Real Options Pregnancy Medical Clinics also testified against the bill.

“If a center speaks truthfully, it can choose what it says without any disclaimer,” Hacker told the committee. “[AB 775, instead] does exactly what the First Amendment prohibits.” Hacker also told me laws already exist to hold pregnancy centers accountable, should they falsely advertise.

What a legacy for liberals. Fighting to promote more dead babies.

For religious pro-lifers, especially those who see abortion as murder, it would be a clear violation of their faith and their conscience to point women to a killing center. Why would any lawmaker, no matter how leftist, support such a law? Women are well aware that they can legally kill their unborn children. The bill would impose on religious pregnancy centers.

And that’s the point.

Photo credit: Free Verse Photography (Creative Commons) – “Rally for Planned Parenthood Funding NYC 2/26/11” by Dave Bledsoe – Some Rights Reserved

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