Caught Up in Anti-GOP Protests

Star Parker, founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, author, columnist, and speaker, was caught up in anti-GOP protests in California last week.

“This happened while my team is working in Washington, DC,” Star wrote. “Just this week, we spoke to the Judiciary Committee about abortion and race. We spoke with members of the House about upcoming welfare reform. And we spoke with Senator Mike Lee about his powerful freedom of speech and freedom of religion law.”


“When I made it to my hotel, I thought about these protesters and how much they hate people like you and me. Friend, they will do anything to keep us out of the public policy process — including violence and imprisoning us because we have different beliefs. It’s starting to happen. From climate change opposition to our religious views, the language they use against us is more and more despotic. And they’re using minorities as their Trojan Horse to carry their message of Marxism, Godlessness, and hate across the country.”


Caliconvention_2 (1)

“After walking through three long blocks of protesters to my hotel with my luggage in tow — without a police escort or any hotel transportation — I was able to speak to a group of conservatives last night! Mission accomplished! Many supporters like you backed my call for action and I hope you will read my message about what happened yesterday to learn what we are facing as the leftists become more aggressive.”

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