Charges Dropped Against Remaining Three Baltimore Police Officers Indicted In Freddie Gray’s Death

indictedBaltimorecopsSources reported that three of the remaining six Baltimore police officers charged in Freddie Gray’s death — Officer William Porter, who faced retrial, and Officer Garrett Miller and Sgt. Alicia White, who awaited trial — no longer face any trials.

Prosecutors dropped all charges against the remaining officers on Wednesday.

Lt. Brian Rice was acquitted of all charges earlier this month. Officer Caesar Goodson, who’d been charged with second-degree murder, was acquitted last month, and Officer Edward Nero was acquitted in May.

Protests followed in the wake of Gray’s death in police custody. The state’s attorney, Marilyn Mosby, charged the officers in his death. A grand jury indicted all six members of law enforcement on various charges.

Mosby’s quest to see the officers convicted has failed, and she faces lawsuits. At least three of the officers charged are suing her over allegations that include defamation of character, invasion of privacy, false imprisonment, and malicious prosecution.

According to WBFF, a gag order in the case has been lifted, and Mosby will hold a press conference.


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