Christians Unite for Religious Freedom

The issue of religious freedom has united Christians across racial and political lines. F.N. Williams, Sr., is one of the pastors in Houston speaking out against a city ordinance that equates sexual behavior and cross-dressing with skin color.

The Houston Equal Rights Ordinance passed by a vote of 11 to six. One part of the measure removed from the final version would have allowed men dressed as women to use women’s restrooms and locker rooms. From Baptist Press:

Critics argued the provision disregards the privacy of men and women using those same facilities and could put women and children at risk of male sexual predators. The concern, voiced repeatedly in recent weeks, was dismissed during the public hearing as a fear-mongering meme.

Prior to the meeting David Fleming, pastor of Champion Forest Baptist Church, told the Southern Baptist Texan that the public accommodations measure, although the most obvious red flag, is not the most egregious.

Fleming, Welch, Second Baptist Church pastor Ed Young, Houston Baptist University President Robert Sloan and coalition pastors said the ordinance at its core poses a threat to religious liberties.

BCN contributor Marc Little noted in a column on male students being allowed to use female bathrooms was the privacy issue. Lawmakers in California passed a bill that allows boys dressing as girls to use the girls’ restroom in government schools. Even the federal government has codified this lunacy. What about the privacy and modesty of the girls in the showers? It doesn’t matter. Approving and codifying perversity and defining “civil rights” to absurd levels are higher priorities.

One man quoted in the Baptist Press story “who believes that Jesus Christ died and rose again” supports the measure. “Hear me! There are Christians that love you. The opposition is loud. The hateful are loud. But I love you and so do others.”

What kind of Christian abrogates his duty to warn the unrepentant of the wrath to come? Homosexual behavior is a sin, a deviation from God’s order. He calls it an abomination. It’s bad enough that unbelievers don’t acknowledge the concept of sin, but it’s a thousand times worse when someone who professes Christ downplays the penalty of sin.

The scheme to push so-called equal rights is an effort to restrict our freedom of speech and religion. Some Christians might think I’m scare-mongering when I say that one day, it will be illegal to preach the Gospel. But look where we are now. Who would have thought the idea of two men “marrying” would go mainstream?

(As an aside, I wish Christian publications would stop using the homosexual lobby’s “gay rights” term and re-frame the issue. These people want special rights, not equal rights. Homosexuals in the United States, at least, have the same civil rights as everyone else. We cede ground to leftists and undermine our position when we adopt their frame.)

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