Connecticut Goes 'Pro-Choice' On Health Insurance Plans

abortion-is-not-health-care_2Until recently, all state exchange health insurance plans in Connecticut, Hawaii, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Vermont included elective abortion coverage. A Roman Catholic couple in Connecticut sued, and now that state is “pro-choice.” From World (emphasis added):

On Nov. 19, Bracy voluntarily dropped the lawsuit after Connecticut officials announced they would add two plans with no elective abortion coverage. Information about which plans cover elective abortions and which don’t will be posted on the state exchange’s website. Officials also promised to train representatives on all the options so they can advise customers, the dismissal notice said.

Although pro-lifers now have options in Connecticut, four states still require all people enrolling in the healthcare exchange to chip in for others’ elective abortions. And millions of ACA enrollees across the nation may not be aware that, unless they’ve specifically asked to be in a plan with no elective abortion coverage, part of their monthly fee will be used to end a baby’s life.

This is a victory of sorts, and we have to take them where we can. One small step for a pro-lifer, one medium-size step for the movement. But we have a long way to go. States might offer separate plans for people who oppose having their money go toward the slaughter of unborn children, but we’re still mired in it. Obamacare directs insurers to create a separate fund for abortions that doesn’t include subsidy payments. Consumers who oppose abortion will have to ask if their plan covers it.

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