Conservatism Defined

Everybody and their mama are calling themselves a Conservative nowadays, including RINO’s (Republicans In Name Only). The term has become so watered down I nearly caved to the temptation to stop using it to describe my own political philosophy. Instead, I realized it was time for someone to define it; it was time to draw the proverbial Red Line where wannabe’s dare not cross. As a result, I came up with my 5C’s of Conservatism. Here they are:

1.) Christ: This is the most important “C.” Why? Without God all truth, values, and morality are mere opinions. Moral relativism is king and it doesn’t mean a thing! Conservatism is built on facts and Natural law. When Jesus says “if a man doesn’t work he shall not eat,” and Obama implies you don’t have to work to eat; or when a woman says what’s growing in her stomach is just tissue and God says “before you were born I knew you,” there has to be a measuring stick to determine who’s right. That measuring stick is God.

2.) Constitution: The Constitution is our referee in the game of freedom. It will never grow outdated regardless of technological advances because it deals with human nature. Tyranny by despots is forbidden unless “We The People” allow it. People like Martin Luther King Jr. fought for equal rights under our Constitution, not extra rights mind you, like some of the civil rights scam artist of our day. He like so many of our Founding Father’s understood the divine intervention of framing our Constitution. He believed in the American Exceptionalism that our founding documents provided and he fought and died to ensure that those same inalienable rights were realized for all.

3.) Capitalism: Socialism isn’t natural! No one grows up with aspirations of government dependency! Socialism is the epitome of greed and envy! You waste time ignoring your own God given gifts in order to vilify those that may have fulfilled theirs. Recall the Parable of the Talents where Jesus made it clear (at least to Christians) that he’s invested in your life and he expects a return on that investment. Under Socialism your misery is a career politicians’ security, but Capitalism empowers you while limiting the power of those that would seek to rule over you. In a Capitalist society it doesn’t matter where you start in life, because the only person that can stop you from moving up is you.

4.) Compassion: The term “Compassionate Conservative” is one of the dumbest and most dangerous I’ve ever heard in American politics, and it’s insane for the GOP to use it! It implies we’re mean. Modern day Conservatism when defined correctly is the most compassionate philosophy on the planet. Liberalism looks Uncle Sam dead in the eye and confesses “I’m nothing without you.” Conservatism looks him in the eye and proclaims “you’re nothing without me!” Conservatives love helping people draw out and take advantage of their God given talents no matter who they are.

5.) Communication: When you have the wrong information you arrive at the wrong conclusions. As Conservatives were use to having the facts on our side, but as the old adage goes “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” We can succeed in expressing our love and concern to every race, sex, and economic class by making politics personal. There’s a reason Jesus used parables. It works! Democrats are subjecting their voters (aka victims) to long term poverty because they emotionally appeal to their fears; let us appeal to their hopes, and we must not be afraid to deliver our message on their turf.

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