Cops Executed in Dallas at Black Lives Matter Protest

Five Dallas law enforcement officers were murdered at a Black Lives Matter protest last night. Sources reported that four were police officers and one was a transit officer. Eleven were shot.

Four snipers ambushed the men during a protest in the wake of police-involved shootings of black men. One of the murderers is dead.

From the Washington Times:

In an earlier Friday news conference, Chief Brown said the snipers were part of at least a four-person team.

Three suspects were in custody and the fourth was pinned down in the El Centro parking garage in downtown Dallas before he was fatally shot by police.

The fourth suspect “has told our negotiators that the end is coming,” has threatened to kill more police and said there are “bombs all over the place in this garage and in downtown,” Chief Brown said before the suspect was killed.

President Barack Obama didn’t waste time pushing gun control. After condemning the attacks, he said “We also know that when people are armed with powerful weapons, unfortunately, it makes attacks like these more deadly and more tragic. In the days ahead, we’re going to have to consider those realities as well.”

Dr. Ben Carson, who’s been criticized for making what sounded like anti-gun rights statements in recent days, criticized the president.

“Now is definitely not the time to get political,” he said on Fox News. “Now is the time to use logic and ask ourselves, why do we have a Constitution? Why do we have a Second Amendment? They’re always saying you don’t need a high powered weapon to hunt deer. The Constitution is not about deer hunting. It’s about people being able to defend themselves from an overly aggressive government or an external invasion.”

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