Could Immigration Enforcement ‘Kate’s Law’ Prevent Murders Like Jamiel Shaw’s

An illegal alien who’d been deported multiple times from the U.S. but returned, shot and killed tourist Kate Steinle in San Francisco two years ago.

On Thursday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill known as “Kate’s Law,” which would raise the penalties for illegal aliens who’ve been deported but return to the country. The House also passed a bill that would bar so-called sanctuary cities and states from receiving federal taxpayers’ money.

The U.S. Senate will now try to pass their versions of the bills. From Fox News:

President Trump called the bill’s passage “good news” in a tweet, adding “House just passed #KatesLaw. Hopefully Senate will follow.”

“Our job here is to make sure that those professionals have the tools that they need and the resources that they need to carry out their work and to protect our communities. That is what these measures are all about,” added Ryan.

The brutal murder of Steinle catapulted the issue of illegal criminal aliens into the national spotlight. Alleged shooter Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez had been deported five times and had seven felony convictions.

On Wednesday, President Trump highlighted other cases during a White House meeting with more than a dozen families of people who had been victimized by illegal immigrants, including Jamiel Shaw Sr.

Shaw’s 17-year-old son Jamiel was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant in California in March 2008.

People who don’t want their country to enforce immigration laws that protect citizens called the move “anti-immigrant.” The father of Jamiel Shaw, Jr., would disagree. A so-called “DREAMER” shot and killed his son in 2008.

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