Court: Christian Flower Shop Owner Who Refused to Participate in the Profaning of Marriage Must Pay Up

Flower shop owner Barronelle Stutzman called her business her mission. A customer and friend, who knew that she was a Christian opposed to the profaning of marriage, asked her to arrange flowers for his “wedding.” Naturally, she declined.

Although the man didn’t file a formal complaint, he sent her a letter threatening to sue. The state’s attorney general decided to sue Stutzman’s business and her personally.

The Washington Supreme Court just ruled against Stutzman for declining to help a homosexual celebrate his “wedding.” From her legal counsel, Alliance Defending Freedom:

The court’s decision affirms a lower-court ruling that requires Barronelle to pay the attorneys’ fees that the ACLU racked up in suing her. Often, in cases like this, the attorneys’ fees for each side are hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not more.

…now the State’s highest court have declared illegal her practice of running her business consistently with her faith. Regardless of the fact that she has created dozens of floral arrangements for Rob, she must also produce artwork under circumstances that would violate her convictions.

Alliance Defending Freedom will continue to stand with Barronelle by appealing this ruling against her to the U.S. Supreme Court.

If the U.S. Supreme Court decides to hear Stutzman’s case, the odds might be in her favor once Neil Gorsuch is confirmed.

Alliance Defending Freedom and Christians across the country hope President Donald Trump acts to safeguard the religious liberty that is guaranteed to us in Constitution.

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