Court Issues Injunction Over Houston's Homosexual 'Spousal' Benefits

HoustonWeHaveAProblem_smallerLast year, Houston’s lesbian mayor, Annise Parker, ordered the city to provide spousal benefits to homosexuals who’d “married” in different states. Marriage-protection advocates filed suit, contending that the order violated the city charter, the state’s Defense of Marriage Act, and the state constitution. A court issued an injunction, and the city challenged it.

After more legal maneuvering, a court issued an injunction that’s effective until the matter goes to trial next December. From Christian News:

“All you have to do is read the constitution of the state to know the mayor has been breaking the law,” he told reporters. ““It is great to have a judge who will hold Mayor Parker accountable for trampling on the Texas Constitution and Texas Defense of Marriage Act. We will continue to oppose this Mayor every time she puts her agenda ahead of the law.”

Texas Values President and attorney, Jonathan Saenz, agreed.

“A Texas judge has once again made it clear—Mayor Parker’s executive actions to force same-sex marriage on the people of Houston are illegal. Mayor Parker’s judgment and her reliance on the reckless advice of City Attorney David Feldman have once again put the city of Houston on the wrong side of the law,” he wrote in a press release this week. “It is time for Mayor Parker to start following the law and stop wasting tax dollars on issues that have already been resolved by Texas voters and Texas state courts.”

Unfortunately, this will be a never-ending battle. Homosexual “marriage” is against most major religions, but Christians, especially, are bearing the brunt of this push to normalize the sin of homosexuality. We must continue to challenge violations to our religious freedom, whether it means facing fines for refusing to service homosexual “weddings” or questioning where our tax dollars go.

Photo credit: Alliance Defending Freedom

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