Court Upholds Injunction Against Obama's Amnesty Scheme

illegalalienrallyA court upheld a temporary injunction on Tuesday against President Barack Obama’s plan to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. A federal judge in Texas issued it in February.

The injunction gives a coalition of 26 states that oppose amnesty time to prepare a lawsuit against the government. An excerpt from the Washington Times:

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit sided with a lower court that ruled Mr. Obama probably broke the law in taking unilateral action last year to grant an amnesty from deportation. The three-judge panel, ruling 2-1, shot down Mr. Obama’s hopes of quickly restarting the amnesty, and make it likely he’ll have to go to the Supreme Court to try to win his case.

The majority, Judges Jerry E. Smith and Jennifer Elrod, said the president’s new program, known as Deferred Action for Parental Accountability, or DAPA, is a binding policy that should have gone through the usual public notice and comment period instead of being announced unilaterally by Mr. Obama and Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson late last year.

According to the Washington Times, the recent ruling doesn’t stop the so-called Dream Act, which granted temporary amnesty to illegal aliens whose parents brought them over the border as minors. The Obama administration and advocates apparently want immigration enforcement laws to be optional.

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