WATCH: Crime Victim's Mother Wants to Know Why 'Leaders' Ignore Black-on-Black Violence

Imagine how busy Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would be if they showed up in front of TV cameras for every black-on-black killing.

One problem: there’d be no national news presence. This kind of violence, although more frequent, isn’t nearly as newsworthy. And it isn’t as profitable.

A Fox News affiliate reported on a violent crime that seems to hold no interest for so-called leaders. Two years ago, Rochelle Cook’s 18-year-old daughter was shot and killed in St. Louis while sitting in a car. People are still protesting the Ferguson shooting of Michael Brown. Last week, a “flash mob” of protesters even disrupted patrons’ enjoyment of a symphony concert. Cook, who leads an annual anti-crime march, wonders…where are the black-on-black crime marches?

“That’s what angered me the most,” she told Fox. “The community leaders. Religious leaders. Where were you when I sent you [an] e-mail to march with us? It hurt….we’re all hurting that we don’t have our children anymore.”

Which sort of story wins the global news competition — a dog bites a man or a man bites a dog?

James Clark of Better Family Life, a community outreach group in St. Louis, told Fox the “Michael Browns” need “to step up right now and say I will work in my neighborhood to stop crime and violence. That’s who we need right now.”

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