Measure a Man By What He Does with Power — Watch CURE America with Star Parker

In this episode of CURE America with Star Parker, we begin by discussing the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. We highlight Hamas’s strategy of using human shields, leading to civilian casualties, and the enormous efforts being made by the Israeli government to minimize these casualties. We also explore the role of the Biden administration in the conflict and the importance of prayer and support.

Star interviews Phil Kerpen, president of American Commitment and Committee to Unleash Prosperity, one-on-one. We talk about his organization’s advocacy for free markets, economic growth, the Constitution, limited government, property rights, and individual freedom. Phil emphasizes the importance of citizen involvement in influencing policy outcomes. The discussion covers Biden’s electric vehicle mandates and the criticism of the substantial subsidies for electric vehicles. We also explore how public pressure and the fear of losing elections can significantly influence policy decisions.

Later in the show, our panel, which consists of Richard Manning, Jonathan Alexandre, and our own Marty Dannenfelser, discusses elections, examining the past, present, and future. We explore the role of the Vice President and how the selection process has changed over the decades. Additionally, we delve into the topic of abortion and discuss what is at stake in the upcoming elections.

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