CURE Team in Charleston

Gh4My team was in Charleston [Sunday] for the three-hour long church service at the site of the tragedy where nine black Christians were killed, simply because of the color of their skin.

I wanted you to see these pictures from Charleston, taken by CURE, because what you see in these images is NOT what you’ll see in the media.

Friend, there was peace in South Carolina. Thousands of people were there, black and white, helping each other under the 100-degree Charleston sun (there wasn’t a cloud in the sky).

There was no hate in Charleston like the media want you to believe. One of our team members felt sick, like many others, because of the heat. He is white and a black lady saw him, gave him ice, water, and stayed with him to make sure he would be okay. This is the picture of Charleston that you will not see in the media.

There were media trucks from all over the world — even Ethiopia. My team mentioned that these reporters seemed disappointed that there was no anger or riots.

On their own, without a government order, blacks and whites came together to heal, take care of each other, and pray. This is how our nation must come together.






Your foot-soldier for freedom,

Star Parker

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