CURE’s Vice Chair Said the World is a Safer Place When Israel is Strong

T.W. Shannon, the Center for Urban Renewal and Education’s vice chair, recently appeared on Fox News’s Faulkner Focus to discuss what’s happening in Israel with Harris Faulkner and David Carlucci, a former Democratic state senator from New York.

President Joe Biden again called for a ceasefire after Israel accidentally killed several World Central Kitchen aides doing humanitarian work. Israel acknowledged the tragedy as a “grave mistake.”

Biden has failed to protect his own country and keep its citizens secure. One look at the southern border tells the whole story.

Shannon said that it seems Biden is playing politics with the very important issue of Israel defending itself. Biden does not support Israel, much like his predecessor, Barack Obama, he added.

“Frankly, I think they could be almost considered enemies of Israel at this point,” Shannon said. “They’ve abandoned our longstanding support and friendship that we’ve had with Israel.” He calls Biden the most duplicitous president…maybe in American history.

Carlucci disagreed, of course. Biden is trying to have peace, he claimed, but there are no easy answers. Then he criticized President Donald Trump for saying just end the war. How, Carlucci asked. He said it looks like a publicity stunt if you’re calling for an end to the war without offering particulars about the hostages, etc.

Shannon countered with this: Hamas wouldn’t be raining terror down on Israel if Trump were in the White House.

“The world is a safer place when Israel is strong,” he said. We need to address what happened on October 7 to Israeli citizens, Shannon added, and we need to bring American citizens home. That’s where the outrage should be.

The discussion was great all around. Faulkner had some interesting questions for both guests. Watch the video at this link.

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