Delano Squires Has a Question for Black Lives Matter, the NAACP, and All the Rest

Having a father in the home who loves and protects his children covers a multitude of social pathologies.

Just ask Barack Obama, former president of the United States. Still married to the mother of his children, Obama spoke about the importance of marriage, family, and fatherhood when it comes to improving outcomes in the black community, Heritage Foundation research fellow Delano Squires said.

Squires also said that Obama was the last national Democrat to speak about this and asked a simple question: Why do so many civil rights organizations [like the NAACP and the National Urban League] seem to be more interested in Planned Parenthood’s bottom line than rebuilding the black family?”

Now Black Lives Matters and others advocate abortion — destruction of the voiceless and vulnerable unborn.

We know the abortion industry is in the business of killing the unborn and cares nothing about the ethical, moral, and religious questions of when life begins, the sanctity of human life, whether unborn babies feel the pain of their deaths, or whether abortion is murder.

But what about “civil rights” groups? What’s their excuse?

Watch the brief clip below to hear what Squires thinks these organizations should do.

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