Democratic Platform: Killing The Unborn is Fine with Us

blackprolifers_3The Democratic Party is about to approve the most radically pro-abortion platform in its history. It’s a Hillary platform, a Hillary party, and a Hillary convention. Tragically, making it easier to kill unborn children has been a Hillary Clinton priority throughout her long career.

In 1992, she and Bill Clinton told Americans that abortion should be “safe, legal, and rare.” That seductive message helped them to win the presidency. Liberals claim that killing unborn children is “a fundamental constitutional right.”

But no reporter ever asked Bill and Hillary why this “constitutional right” should be rare. Can they name any other constitutional right they want to be rare?

Of course, they didn’t want abortion to be rare at all. Hillary as First Lady tried to force every county in America to open up abortion killing centers. That’s what would have happened if a Democratic Congress approved her bill to take over our health care. But her bill failed in 1994.

Hillary was so burned by her experience with abortion and health care mandates that she told Newsweek Magazine (October 31, 1994) that “abortion is wrong.” She never explained how something she admits is wrong can ever be a right.

Reporters never asked her. But even that concession to reality didn’t help Hillary and Bill to save their Democratic Congress. Republicans triumphed at the polls in 1994. And 43 percent of all those who came out to defeat Bill and Hillary told pollsters the Pro-Life cause was paramount for them in their voting that year.

The Republican Party continued through the 1990s and into the 2000s to uphold the right to life. Every Republican Platform since 1976 has taken a pro-life position on the abortion issue.

In fact, Ronald Reagan even invented the term “pro-life.” The media hated to use that term, but when the President of the United States speaks those powerful words, it is hard even for the pro-abortion press to suppress them. And Ronald Reagan was the Republican Party’s biggest winner since Ike.

By 2010, however, Barack Obama had ingeniously found ways to get around the Hyde Amendment. His health care takeover did not force Americans to pay for abortions directly. It just forces Americans to have health insurance. And the Obama administration mandates that insurers must cover killing the unborn in their plans.

Dozens of pro-life Democrats in the House of Representatives—veteran Congressmen like Jim Oberstar (DFL-Minn.) and Bart Stupak (D-Mich.)–lost their seats and their political lives over this issue. They fell for an Obama Executive Order that falsely promised to protect taxpayers from having to subsidize these killings.

Now, Hillary Clinton wants to go all out for abortion. Her 2016 platform calls for a repeal of the Hyde Amendment. That bi-partisan measure was first signed by liberal Democrat Jimmy Carter in 1977. The Hyde Amendment is a law that has prevented direct funding of abortion.

Planned Parenthood and others who  kill  unborn children complain that millions of abortions have not been done because of the Hyde Amendment. That’s why we cherish the memory of Henry Hyde.

There are millions of Americans alive today because of his heroic stand for life. Rep. Hyde (R-Ill.) was happy to work with Rep. William Natcher (D-Ken.) to protect unborn children’s lives. And those whose lives were spared can vote!

Last summer, the Washington Post had to give front-page treatment to a ghastly story. Planned Parenthood was caught on camera selling hearts and lungs and livers from their little victims. Pro-life activist David Daleiden shocked the country with his in-depth investigative reporting.

Daleiden got inside the Planned Parenthood killing project and brought out evidence of their scavenging organs from these victims. Daleiden’s Center for Medical Progress posted their expose online here for the world to see.

At that time, candidate Hillary said she found it “disturbing.” Reporters did not rush to ask her: Madame Secretary, what is disturbing? The fact that Planned Parenthood kills these unborn children and sells their organs? Or the fact that they got caught on video admitting to it? Or might it be this disturbing story could interrupt your march to the nomination?

While we are discussing the Black Lives Matter movement, we should note that a highly disproportionate number of these little victims are black. Black Americans constitute 13 percent of the U.S. population. But abortions for black women make up 31 percent of all abortions. With 78 percent of Planned Parenthood’s killing centers in or near minority communities, it is obvious they are targeting unborn children who are black.

Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party establishment want to declare open season on the unborn. They want to force us to pay for Planned Parenthood killings. They want no protections whatsoever for mothers or their unborn children. They want no waiting periods. No informed consent laws. No bans on partial-birth abortions. No bans on killing unborn children because they happen to be female or black.

It is Hillary Clinton and her Democratic Party leaders who are all in for the most extreme position on killing unborn children. The Gallup Poll recognizes that most Americans oppose most abortions.

It is Hillary and the Democratic leaders who are truly extremists on this painful and divisive issue. That is why author Ramesh Ponnuru called the Democratic Party the Party of Death.

Like many other minorities, Ramesh Ponnuru knows that Planned Parenthood’s racist roots and eugenic practices go back a century and more. Against such, the Republican Party must always stand strong.

Abraham Lincoln was not talking about unborn children, but about black folks, when he said: “Nothing stamped in the divine image was sent into the world to be trod upon.”  Now, though, we can ask: “Are not unborn children so stamped?”

Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party leaders gathering this week in Philadelphia have already given their answer: a resounding NO!

Photo credit: American Life League (Creative Commons) – Some Rights Reserved

KenBlackwell_2Ken Blackwell is a senior fellow at the Family Research Council and the American Civil Rights Union, and on the board of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty.

The views expressed in opinion articles are solely those of the author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by Black Community News.

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