Deneen Borelli and Jason Riley Discuss Ferguson

Conservative Deneen Borelli, who bravely appeared at the NAACP’s annual convention and got loud-talked by a liberal who didn’t want her there, recently appeared on Hannity and advised people to wait for the facts of Ferguson to come out before making judgments.

Too late! Unfortunately, it is human nature to take our first impressions and run with them. Some believe the shooting was justified, while others believe it was as extreme as murder. The court of public opinion will have its say. The problem arises when so-called leaders go to the hot spots and make the situation worse. People already angry and blaming others for their troubles get even more riled up when the instigators show up. Fallen humans, fallen world.

The video also features Jason Riley, author Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed. Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams wrote about his book.

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