Deneen Borelli, Other Black Conservatives Speak Out

Deneen Borelli, author of Backlash: How Obama and the Left Are Driving Americans to the Government Plantation, wanted to speak at the NAACP’s annual convention. As Borelli is black, and the group purportedly promotes the advancement of “colored people,” one would think the NAACP would welcome her input. Marketplace of ideas, and all that. But they did not.

“For the second consecutive year the NAACP has ignored my request to speak at their annual convention,” Borelli wrote on her blog. “This time, I’m not taking no for an answer. Now is the time for the black community to hear the message of liberty and not the tired race baiting message from the NAACP.”

Borelli will host what I hope will become an annual alternative to the liberal gathering. From Townhall:

Borelli plans to sponsor an event in the same hotel during the NAACP’s annual convention in Las Vegas next week. FreedomWorks’s Liberty Summit event will be held on Monday, July 21 from 2pm to 5pm at the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

“I will moderate the event and will focus on how Obama’s war on coal is preferentially harming the black community where unemployment is double that of white Americans and have the lowest average incomes,” Borelli said. “We plan on focusing on 3 topics for the Empower Liberty Summit: Education, Employment, Energy. We also have a table in the exhibit hall.”

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