WATCH: Deneen Borelli On the Government's Obamacare Tax Form Error

Deneen Borelli, Outreach Director of FreedomWorks, recently appeared on Fox News to talk about Obamacare’s impact on tax season.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) sent out incorrect tax information to 800,000 people. Because of the government’s error, taxpayers who’ve already filed will have to amend their returns. Those who haven’t will have to wait until HHS gets around to sending the correct form.

This is just one example of the failure of Big Government. Borelli reminded viewers that President Barack Obama lied when he told Americans we could keep our doctors under his expensive and unpopular new program.

“What we’re witnessing now,” she said, “is that almost a million Americans are being affected [regarding] tax refunds, and you’ve got to remember that Americans rely on those refunds for family bills, to take care of mishaps that might come up unexpectedly.” She also reminded us that before Obamacare, millions of Americans already had health insurance coverage. Obamacare kicked them out of those plans.

Is it too much to hope that the Republicans, with their majority in Congress, will repeal Obamacare?

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