Deval Patrick and Planned Parenthood

abortion-is-not-health-care_2Last month, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled that extending a buffer zone 35 feet outside Massachusetts abortion clinic entrances violates the First Amendment right to free speech. The court contended that the state failed to come up with a less restrictive method to limiting protests against the killing of unborn children.

Despite the ruling, Deval Patrick, governor of the state, and other pro-abortion Democrats, wasted no time calling for ways to keep pro-lifers from speaking to women who might feel trapped with no alternatives. Patrick wants to change the law to give the police power to break up crowds at abortion mills and the attorney general more authority to obtain court orders and fine pro-lifers.

Patrick’s bias against pro-lifers is clear. That’s no surprise; however, Patrick’s connection to Planned Parenthood might surprise you.

Then again, maybe not.

Operation Rescue reports that Patrick used to be on the board of the Massachusetts Planned Parenthood.

DevalPatrickOperation Rescue president Troy Newman said, “Lawmakers need to be aware that Patrick’s personal history with Planned Parenthood makes him prejudiced against pro-life speech. His twisted view of pro-life activists has tainted his perspective. He clearly has an axe to grind. The Supreme Court spoke clearly on the unconstitutionality of infringing on the First Amendment right of protesters. Now Patrick is at it again, trying to further limit pro-life speech at abortion facilities where women often want and appreciate the help offered by pro-life supporters. The women who need and want help to avoid abortions are the ones Patrick is hurting the most.”

Like other black liberals, Patrick seems unconcerned about the disproportionate rate of abortion among blacks or Planned Parenthood’s eugenic roots. Killing babies isn’t like any other so-called right. This one involves the death of a vulnerable and voiceless human being whose mother’s choice to snuff out his life trumps his right to live. Abortion mill protests are potentially life-saving, and their effect can be far-reaching. Free speech is at stake, but something more important–precious life–trumps all other considerations.

Photo credit: Kristina Hernandez – All Rights Reserved (Creative Commons)

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