Did Hillary Clinton Snub the Fraternal Order of Police?

Why did Hillary Clinton decline to seek the support of the National Fraternal Order of Police, as her husband did twice?

Candidates typically fill out a questionnaire from the union about an endorsement. If two-thirds of the chapters agree to support a certain candidate, the union endorses. But Fox News reported Clinton wouldn’t even fill out the questionnaire. It appears she doesn’t care for the union’s endorsement. John Kerry also declined to seek the union’s support. The organization endorsed Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and John McCain.

The union accused Clinton of being more concerned about police-involved shootings than police murdered in the line of duty.

Sheriff David Clarke, who is not a fan of “Mrs. Bill Clinton,” said her husband sought the union’s endorsement, received it in 1996, and was proud of it.

Mrs. Bill Clinton, on the other hand, “has had nothing but utter contempt for the American law enforcement officer,” the sheriff said. “This is just another thumb in our eyes.” She has “done nothing but slander our reputation.”

Sheriff Clarke said Hillary Clinton is “all in with the criminals,” and has no emotional connection to the black community.


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