Do Mainstream Media Fear Black Conservatives? Sheriff David Clarke Says…

Last week, Dr. Ben Carson said the leftist media have manipulated black Americans. It’s true. Mainstream media, Democrats, and other leftists stoke unbiblical covetousness and envy. They fuel class and racial resentment. And there’s no end in sight to this manipulation.

Sheriff David Clarke recently appeared on Fox News to discuss Dr. Carson’s comments and offer some of his own.

“Bravo, Dr. Carson,” the sheriff said. “The mainstream media in America has abandoned their constitutional duty…to be a government watchdog and to be neutral in all of these things. Instead, they have become the propaganda wing, a lapdog, the public information office for the Democrat party — their liberal agenda and their leftist ideology. Look, the mainstream liberal media refuses to tell and write the stories and the op-eds to inform blacks that after 60 years of enslavement under Democrat control, their lives have not gotten better.”

The sheriff said the liberal media won’t tell blacks that their standard of living under the first black president hasn’t gotten better. Instead, they demonize and vilify people like Dr. Carson (and Sheriff Clarke!), Allen West, and Justice Clarence Thomas.

Why? Does fear have anything to do with it? Watch the brief clip for Sheriff Clarke’s response.

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