Do Voiceless and Vulnerable Black Lives Matter?

AbortionBlackBabiesMatterMany pro-lifers ask why the Black Lives Matter movement doesn’t advocate for the voiceless and most vulnerable black lives — those in the womb.

An overwhelming majority of black voters choose Democrats, the party that supports killing “unwanted” children as they grow in their mothers’ wombs. If all black lives matter, the unborn should be a high-profile part of the movement’s mission.

Pastor Clenard Childress of and other black pro-lifers protested against the NAACP during its annual convention in July and asked why the “colored” unborn don’t matter to them. To drive home the point, the pro-lifers used the movement’s slogans in the context of abortion: “Black Lives Matter,” “Don’t Shoot,” and “I Can’t Breathe.”

Pastor Childress and his group created a site, All Black Life Matters, to make their position even clearer. “Protests that racially divide us and undermine law enforcement distract from the bigger issues. The American black population is being killed in mass, not visibly in the streets, but silently in the womb. This must end.”

Photo credit: Elvert Barnes (Creative Commons) – Some Rights Reserved

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