The Absolute Mess in Washington — Do We Want a Nanny State or Freedom?

What kind of country do we want, Star Parker asked on Straight Arrow News: a free state or a nanny state?

The bipartisan Senate bill on southern border security crashed…dead on arrival in the House. The Senate approved a military aid package for Ukraine…likely dead on arrival in the House.

“So now we’re looking at the House, taking up a bill that does not include doing anything on the border, sixty-something billion for Ukraine, fourteen or so billion for Israel, both at war, depending on the United States.”

War on the border, war in Ukraine, war in Israel. What exactly is our role as taxpayers, Star asked, as we see what’s going on in our communities now with so many illegal migrants from all over the world, committing crime and causing chaos. We don’t know who these people are or how desperate. Some of them are pregnant — new American citizens?

“These are big questions on the table,” Star said. And it looks like we won’t see immigration reform anytime soon.

Are we a country of laws, morals, and self-government? Or are we a nanny state, where the government makes each and every decision of our lives? What do we really want?

Watch Star Parker below or at Straight Arrow News to find out what she thinks.

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