Does Accepting Homosexual 'Marriage' Lead to Accepting Adultery?

brokenweddingbandsBreakpoint’s John Stonestreet addresses an important topic: Does supporting homosexual “marriage” lead Christians to accepting adultery?

Someone actually measured this. Sociologist Mark Regnerus examined data from a survey of close to 16,000 people, which included professing Christians who oppose and support homosexual “marriage,” and unbelievers.

What he found was eye-opening. A significant percentage of churchgoing Christians who supported same-sex marriage either agreed or strongly agreed with statements that approved of things like using pornography, cohabitation, casual sex, and abortion rights.

Even in areas such as adultery and polyamory, they were between six and thirteen times more likely to agree or strongly agree with statements that approved of the practices. As Regnerus put it, “Churchgoing Christians who support same-sex marriage look very much like the country as a whole.”

In other words, professing Christians who accept one type of perversion of God’s order tend to accept other types of perversion. But was it really eye-opening? Permissive attitudes promote permissive attitudes. Once you see homosexuality as normal, adultery might not look so bad anymore.

The Bible condemns fornication, and fornication is sexual intercourse between unmarried people. If one of those people is married, it’s adultery. We know that marriage consists of a husband and wife; male and female. Two men or two women can’t be married to each other. Regardless of what they call themselves, they are not married, as God intended the union. If Christians believe homosexual behavior is okay, despite God’s condemnation of it, it’s not a stretch to assume they believe adultery, which God also condemns, is okay.

Agree or disagree?

Now some Christians might argue there’s a difference. Homosexual “marriage” involves two consenting adults, and no one gets hurt. Adultery, on the other hand, involves a breach of trust. A breaking vows. But a breach of trust and breaking of vows have a basis in morality. Moral law comes from God, and He tells us what’s wrong and good in His eyes, and what isn’t. He says adultery and homosexuality are sins. In that regard, by what biblical reasoning can a Christian argue that homosexual “marriage” is good, but adultery is bad?

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