We Shouldn’t Shut Down the Presidential Primary Process Too Soon — Star Parker Will Tell You Why

Some Republicans think that Nikki Haley should drop out of the Republican presidential primaries after Donald Trump won in Iowa and New Hampshire. But Star Parker said the race must continue.

We need to be patient, she said on Straight Arrow News.

Abandoning the presidential primary process now could cause a significant impact on down ballot voting candidates running for the Senate, the House, governorships, state legislatures, or even local elections.

“Strong Republican turnout for the New Hampshire presidential primary helped Republicans gain two State House seats in special elections that were in that state that were held the same day as the New Hampshire’s presidential primary election,” Star said. “California offers Republicans a similar opportunity, with a special primary election for the United States Senate seat that will be held on the same day as their presidential primary, March the fifth, during that whole Super Tuesday.”

Gaining control of the U.S. Senate is one of Republicans’ primary goals, Star added, so let’s not undermine the process by shutting down the primaries early.

Watch Star’s full segment below or at Straight Arrow News.

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