WATCH: Dr. Alveda King Returns to Fox to Discuss Terrorism/Faith Comments

When Dr. Alveda King appeared on Fox News with Neil Cavuto last month, she said the country should show “righteous force” against ISIS and urged President Barack Obama to bring the nation back to God. He should call on leaders to pray.

In 2014, such words are radical, especially when there’s doubt that our president is even a Christian.

According to Cavuto, Dr. King’s comments struck a chord with viewers. Most of the people who contacted him agreed. One thing Americans of faith or no faith have to understand: for Muslims, this is a religious war — a holy war. Western secularists can frame the issue any way they want. Muslims have invoked their god in a fight against infidels, whether those infidels profess Christ or the god of diversity. We all worship something, and if it isn’t the God of the Bible…

In the segment, Dr. King reiterates her faith and why it’s important. “The risk of denying the faith of our fathers is very, very grave.” She says she isn’t offended when non-Christians talk about their faith. Why are non-Christians offended when we talk about ours?

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