WATCH: Dr. Ben Carson Behind the Scenes at Reagan Library Book Signing

On September 28, Dr. Ben Carson spoke at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California, and signed books. You can watch the entire lecture, a little over an hour, at this BCN link.

The video above is a brief, behind-the-scenes look at Dr. Carson’s visit. Like him, I was a liberal when I was young. In fact, I voted for Bill Clinton. Twice. (Shhh…don’t tell anyone!) After I began a process of self-examination to determine what I really believed in, I came to realize — to my shock — that I agreed more with Republicans than Democrats. No Republican “reached out” to me. I voted for the party I believed would be better for the country as a whole, and not only for me as an individual.

Dr. Carson said as a “radical left-wing person,” he started listening to Ronald Reagan, and the things he said “made so much sense.” Reagan played “a very significant role in my metamorphosis” from liberal to conservative.

Ideas have consequences. Once people begin to think differently…that’s when things change.

The video also features a “mixed” Hispanic couple — she’s a Republican and he’s a Democrat. “[B]ut we love Ben Carson,” he said.

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