WATCH: Dr. Ben Carson on Morality and Obamacare

By now most readers have heard about Obamacare “architect” Jonathan Gruber. He’s on record saying that the stupidity of the American people and the lack of government transparency helped push Obamacare on the country.

Gruber persuaded the president to include the unpopular individual mandate in the bill, which requires Americans–supposedly free people–to buy health insurance. And premiums are going up. Gruber has received close to $400,000 from federal contracts and much more from state contracts.

After working with Gruber to dupe the American people with the so-called health care reform law, the Obama administration and other liberals have disavowed him.

Dr. Ben Carson recently appeared on Fox News to talk about this story. Now that Congress knows what’s in the bill, he said, and in light of the subterfuge surrounding it, lawmakers should discuss and vote on it again.

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