Dr. Ben Carson Opens CPAC

Dr. Ben Carson opened the annual, three-day Conservative Political Action Conference today. The potential 2016 presidential candidate made his views on many conservative issues clear.

It’s no mystery that Democrats thrive on creating discord between people of different classes, races, and sexes, and keeping their voters in awe of Big Government is part of who they are.

“We need to reach out to people who think that maybe being dependent is reasonable as long as they feel safe,” Dr. Carson said. “And it isn’t. The great societies of the sixties figured that if we just threw money at the problem we could fix it. … Everything these programs tried to fix has gotten worse.”

Dr. Carson talked tough on terror. “Radical Islamic groups are in their adolescent state,” he said. As president, he’d “destroy them first” instead of waiting to see what they do next.

School choice is important for black parents who care that their children are stuck in inferior government schools. “I am ready for school choice…We need to recognize education is the great liberator in our country,” Dr. Carson said. “No one has to be a victim.”

What about that other issue near and dear to our hearts: gun rights?

“I am ready for a country that puts our Constitution on the top shelf — every part of it. And for those who have any doubt, that includes the Second Amendment.”

Photo credit: CPAN

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