Encourage Black Pastors to Speak Up for Freedom

Black women kill their babies at three times the rate of white women. Planned Parenthood abortion mills are disproportionately located in minority areas. Some have accused Planned Parenthood of targeting blacks for abortion. In fact, they call it genocide. Mark Crutcher of the pro-life group, Life Dynamics, shares this view.

“They’ll never be free as long as abortion remains legal, because it was created as an instrument to get rid of them to begin with,” he told NewsOne. “And that’s the point we made in our documentary, Maafa 21. The origin of the legalization of abortion was eugenics. It was designed to get rid of the African-American community, and it’s doing it. The crime is that there are so many so-called African-American leaders who are part and parcel of this problem, who have sold their souls to the population control movement — the birth control movement, the abortion industry — and have sold their own community down the river.”

You’ve heard the assertion that blacks are more socially conservative than their voting patterns reveal. But how you vote matters more than how you feel in the case of reducing abortion and protecting marriage. That’s why Star Parker has spearheaded a council of black pastors, especially for those who feel they’ve been ostracized, for speaking against abortion, homosexual “marriage,” and government dependency.

Racism, real or otherwise, is the least of our problems. Big government and social pathologies like fatherlessness are huge problems. Star seeks to encourage pastors to come together and influence others by publicly standing up to the black liberal establishment. Going against the grain isn’t easy, but we know that God is on our side. Let’s encourage one another in the face of trials that will only get worse.

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